With the month of May, Mother’s Day has come and gone and hopefully we gave the much deserved honor to Moms and to the God established role of Motherhood. Now we head toward Father’s Day where we will give honor to Fathers and to the God established role of Fatherhood. The plan of parenthood and giving children to the care and stewardship of earthly parents is God’s creation and invention. The Bible says repeatedly that God created us male and female, thus it takes both to conceive a child.
Like every society we have our struggles with accepting this plan of God and then trying to implement His plan. We are stuck in sinfulness and the attitudes of selfishness sin brings. It is beyond disheartening to see children where one or even both biological parents have abandoned them to other family or any who might be willing to care for them. As powerful an addiction drugs can be; it breaks my heart when the news is headed by a story of little ones left home alone as the parents go off to get their fix of the substance they are addicted to. I may even have a touch of righteous anger when the drunken driver not only endangers the person in the other car, but has their own children endangered in the back seat of the car they are not fully able to competently drive. I could go on…. and on.
This points to the need to encourage those trying hard to be the best parents they can be. We need to honor mothers and fathers who are doing the hard work of self-sacrifice to raise their children. More than ever we need to clearly celebrate the virtues of these two little holidays that sometimes are reduced to a card, a dinner out, and maybe a gift. There is nothing God has entrusted to our care more important than those little ones who call us “Mommy” and “Daddy.”
God Bless,
Pastor Charlie Robertson